Why choose a career in logistics?


Supply chain or logistics jobs are not as popular as they should be in Poland. As the expansion of e-commerce retail is really significant, everyone who is not sure what career path to choose should consider logistics industry. Read below what are the biggest opportunities given by this career path.


Work with people around the world

Logistics and broadly understood transport support mean contact with co-workers around the world. International business experience not only gives better chances of finding good job in future, but also allows to broaden your horizons.

Even if your contact is a strictly business matter, still, you learn how people from different parts of globe greet each other. It is a great learning experience to find out how open and outgoing Italian workers are and to learn regularity from Germans.

This kind of experience will not only help in future jobs, but might also allow you to find a new hobby or plan private trip.


Great career opportunities

E-commerce retail is getting bigger every day. People around the world tend to prefer shopping online, as it is a huge save of time. Due to this fact, also logistics branch is getting bigger every year. Transport companies expand and get bigger.

It is known that there will be many career opportunities in logistics. Not only because of the fact that the number of such companies will grow every year, but also due to the fact that already existing companies will develop. Experts and supervisors or managers with experience will be needed.


How much can you earn?

Salary potential of this sector is significant. As the competition will grow bigger every year, need of highly educated and experienced workers will be growing rapidly. Thus, if you still need to choose your field of study, consider logistics as one of the most growing and expanding option of all. Remember that this choice will influence your whole future life, so consider it carefully.

Remember that you will not earn much at first — it is how things work in every industry around the world. Bigger money come with experience and when you start to know many things — you are also in a position to negotiate with supervisors. Not only you can try to raise your salary in company you currently work in — most experienced workers can also negotiate high amounts of money at new job interviews.


Interesting, non-schematic work

Last but not least, working in logistics means you will never be bored. There are always problems to solve, transports to be planned and unintended changes. If you like challenges and your main goal is not to die out of boredom at work, this is a career path for you.

Also remember that even though most of logistics positions are open for all graduates from many different fields, more and more employers tend to prefer workers with a specific degree in transport, supply chain management or logistics.