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MBA Management

master’s degree

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Master programs are aimed at students who want to improve and update their knowledge and skills related to the management process. The graduates of Master studies in Management acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage companies or other, both public and private, undertakings.

We offer the following majors as part of the Studies in Management:

MASTER STUDIES – MANAGEMENT (Master’s degree [Magister])

Field of studies Management
  • full-time studies (classes are held from Monday to Thursday)
  • part-time studies (classes are held twice a month in two-day sessions, on Saturdays and Sundays)
Duration of studies Two years, four semesters
Language of instruction Polish, English
Degree obtained Master’s degree [Magister]. The studies may be continued at the postgraduate level.

Description of the major

Description of the major

Master of Business Administration Management

MBA is a two-year program consisting of a series of workshops developing soft managerial skills together with a consultative diploma project. The curriculum of the MBA studies has been elaborated and adjusted to the requirements of the market so as to enable persons with various profiles of education to supplement qualifications and gain the state-of-the-art, practical management knowledge.

MBA in the Warsaw University of Business:
– MBA students are partners in the implementation of the program – through active participation in classes, sharing their experiences and know-how they become co-authors of the program and have a real influence on the course of classes.
– The organization of studies is based on a partnership approach to students who can count on the assistance of a group supervisor during the whole course of studies.
– Partner relations are developed also between students: exchange of knowledge and experience, networking or working in project teams are just some of the advantages stemming from studying together in a group of experienced managers.
– Implementation of interactive teaching methods: workshops, panel discussions, case studies, business games — knowledge from classes can be used in professional life on an ongoing basis.
– Students of MBA studies are persons with professional experience, thanks to which classes constitute an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge.

Teaching Methods:

Practical aspects of the program allow for active forms of classes: simulation business games, tests, exercises, case studies, projects implemented individually and in groups. An important element of the studies is an active participation of students in classes and combining the teacher’s experience and knowledge with the participants’ professional experience, thanks to which students can broaden skills that are really useful in the manager’s work.

Recruitment in progress!

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Tuition fees

Studies in English

MBA: Tuition Fees

Entry fee € 100
Full time studies
Payment for one year Payment for one semester
4.500 euro 2.600 euro

Recruitment stages

1. Online registration

Fill in and print out the online recruitment form available online.

2. Completion of documents

Prepare a complete set of documents and pay the admission fee. In the title of the bank transfer enter your name, surname, field of study.

3. Submission of documents

The required documents should be delivered to the Recruitment Office in person, by post or by third parties. When sending the documents by post, please, remember to enclose the original of the matriculation certificate.

4. Decision

You will be informed electronically about the receipt of documents. The written decision will be sent by registered letter with a return receipt to the postal address indicated.

5. Completion of formalities

Having received the decision on his / her admission, the student signs a Study Agreement and pays the tuition fees.

6. Commencement of studies

Before you start your course, you will be given the access to the e-deanery and to the Student Forum, where you will find your timetable.

Submit a complete documentation in our recruitment office:

Master’s degree courses:

  • The application form,
  • Bachelor’s degree diploma,
  • 3 photographs of 35 x 45 mm format,
  • Proof of payment of the admission fee in the amount of 400 PLN to the bank account of the University.

Foreign candidates shall additionally submit:

  • Bachelor’s degree diploma accompanied by a certified translation and an apostille or the document authentication,
  • A photocopy of the passport,
  • Insurance policy,
  • Medical certificate confirming ability to study in Poland,
  • A copy of the certificate confirming the knowledge of Polish language. In the absence of such a document – the Applicant’s statement on the level of language qualifications and on entering the language examination organized by the University upon the Applicant’s arrival in Poland.

All persons applying for admission to the University will be accepted automatically after they submit a complete set of documents and pay the admission fee.