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Refund policy

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Tuition fee refund policy

The following terms and conditions of tuition fee refund have been established by the Higher Authorities of Warsaw University of Business. Refunds will not be approved where no special circumstances exist. A lack of knowledge or understanding of administrative requirements or deadlines is not considered to be a special circumstance beyond a person’s control.

The entry fee of €100 is not refundable. A fixed amount of €200 for bank and other handling charges is deducted from the tuition fee.

I. Refund is NOT possible if:

– A visa has been issued to a candidate by The Polish Embassy.
– A candidate submitted a visa decision that has been counterfeited.
– A residence card has been issued to a candidate in the name of WWSB and they requested the admission to be cancelled. Be aware that you shall be required to cancel your student visa or resident card in order to start the refund procedure.

II. Refund is PARTLY possible if:

– The admission procedure on campus was finalized and you began to attend classes. Tuition fees reduced by learning costs for time spent at University will be returned.

III. Refund is possible if:

– A candidate has been denied a visa by The Polish Embassy
– A candidate has been unable to book a visa appointment. The procedure will start after the visa documents issued by the University expire which will be after the closure of the intake.
– Studies commencement has been cancelled by WWSB
– Visa letters have not been issued to a candidate. In such cases, they will be required to submit payment confirmation of the paid fees.
– A visa or residence card has not been issued to a candidate in the name of WWSB and they requested the admission to be cancelled.
– A candidate resigned from studies due to health problems proved by a supporting medical certificate.

IV. Refund procedure:

Since the academic year 2022/2023, refunds are made on a candidate’s request. Even if a candidate applied to WWSB with help of an agency, the refund process involves only two parties: a candidate and WWSB.

To request a refund a candidate should submit the required documents:

a) If a visa application was denied: two official rejection letters from the Polish Embassy, scan of final acceptance letters from WWSB, payment slip, and filled-in refund form.
b) If a visa appointment was not possible to be booked: a filled-in refund form, scan of final acceptance letters from WWSB, payment slip, and scans of each page of a candidate’s passport should be submitted after the visa letters expire (end of intake).
c) If a candidate was unable to travel to Poland due to fortuitous events he might be asked for additional documentation such as a medical report from a doctor.

1. Above mentioned documents should be submitted by one e-mail address to It should be double-checked and do not contain any mistakes.

2. WWSB’s Recruitment Office has 7 working days to verify and approve a refund request. The procedure will not be accelerated by resending refund requests multiple times.

All documents have to be visible and filled in with capital letters.

Please remember that international regulations can lengthen the refund process by up to 3 months. Usually, money transfer is processed faster and it takes only a few weeks. Submission of the Polish bank account details will not speed up the process since all requests are begin finalized in order.

3. Claims about a candidate’s bank that refused to accept the tuition fee and returned it to WWSB’s account must be supplied with an official statement showing the bank’s negative decision. If the reimbursement is refused by the beneficiary’s account, the entire refund process will start over again. Costs of subsequent transactions, losses owing to exchange rate differences, and fees charged by a foreign bank in the event of inaccurate data/bank rejection will be incurred by a beneficiary.

4. Missing documents will prolong the refund request evaluation and processing time

5. Refunds will be sent to the account from where the funds were originally sent. If the bank details provided are different from the original payment method, WWSB may request more documentation to verify the banking details before making a payment. Please be aware that providing banking details that are different from the original payment method will extend the refund process in order for WWSB to complete the verification process.

6. If you have already paid your deposit and then decide you want to defer your offer of a study place to the following academic year, please let us know. We can carry your deposit over to count toward your deferred offer letter.

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