Our students

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Our students come from:

  • wietnam
  • tajlandia
  • uzbekistan
  • Algieria
  • Armenia
  • Bangladesz
  • Białoruś
  • Gruzja
  • Indie
  • Iran
  • Korea Płd.
  • Kirgistan
  • Nigeria
  • Polska
  • Rosja
  • Tadżykistan
  • Tunezja
  • Turcja
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraina
  • Kazachstan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Student opinions

    “(…) The MBA studies gave me a cross-sectional knowledge of business management, finance and marketing and an opportunity to focus on its practical application in real business situations. A great advantage of the MBA program at the WWSB University is the academic staff who combine the highest level of theoretical knowledge with valuable professional experience both in the field of international business and public administration. Furthermore, I appreciate contacts and friendships established with fellow students whose knowledge and understanding from the perspective of various industries have greatly enriched our discussions of professional topics”

    an MBA graduate, Anna Nastuła
    lawyer, data protection expert
    ARKADIA- training and consultancy
  • Student opinions

    “The university has a very friendly atmosphere. All university staff know everyone by name, not by their “file number”. Lecturers always find time to talk to us, which is unfortunately rare at other universities”

    a first year student of Business Management.
  • Student opinions

    “It is worth studying at the WWSB University because there is a friendly atmosphere here, you can always count on the assistance of the recruitment staff  and the Dean’s Office staff. What is important is that tuition fees are low and can be paid in instalments if needed. The university staff is always positively disposed towards students, they are able and willing to pass on the knowledge necessary for each faculty”

    a first year student of Management from Nigeria
  • Student opinions

    “A colleague who had studied here recommended this university to me and I wasn’t disappointed!
    The university offers the possibility of placements and internships in interesting places. The Dean’s Office staff members  know all the students which makes it very easy to obtain assistance – you don’t have to explain a given problem several times to different people –  you just do it once and you know that your case will be positively assessed”

    a second year student of Logistics
  • Student opinions

    “Flexible hours of classes, good and interesting classes, lecturers who are there for us, the students. Great atmosphere, everyone feels at home. The lecturers are forgiving to us, they have a great deal of knowledge and they know how to convey it in an accessible way. A simple and easy system of fees, at least, in my opinion. The location by the Metro Station named Centrum Nauki Kopernik [Copernicus Science Centre] makes it possible to get to the University easily, which is a huge advantage”

    a first year student of Management from Vietnam
  • Student opinions

    “I am very pleased with the university. Classes are conducted in an attractive, easy to follow and very interesting way. Frequent visits to the Sejm [the Lower Chamber of Polish Parliament], embassies, financial institutions and excellent lecturers make the WWSB University attractive for every student. For those planning to study management or logistics, it is THE university!”

    a first year student of Logistics