The Rector

Jarosław Będkowski – Ph.D. in economics, graduate of postgraduate studies in computer science, postgraduate studies in management in education, M.Sc. in mathematics. Specialist in entrepreneurship, strategic management, work organization, personnel management, capital market and IT applications in management. Founder and Rector of the WSBiA University, currently Rector of the Warsaw University of Business (the WWSB University), long-term academic teacher, previously also an inspector in the field of computer science at the regional Education Board [Kuratorium Oświaty], coordinator in the field of computer science at the Voivodship Methodology Centre [Wojewódzki Ośrodek Metodyczny], former director of post-secondary schools and IT teacher, in the early years of his professional career the founder and director of the ECOMP IT company. He created the Institute of Applied Skills [Instytut Umiejętności Stosowanych] and the University Publishing House [Wydawnictwo Uczelniane], organized many academic conferences and socioeconomic knowledge Olympiads for last-grade secondary school students, as well as several methodological conferences for teachers. Repeatedly awarded for his achievements in his professional work, including the European Medal for high quality in the field of Higher Education awarded by the Office of the Committee for European Integration. Author of two monographs: “Fundamental problems of work organization” [“Zasadnicze problemy organizacji pracy”], “Organisation of work – an overview” [“Organizacja pracy w zarysie”], as well as the student handbook “Marketing, market, logistics” [„Marketing, rynek, logistyka”].

Deputy Rector

Izabela Krupa-Mażulis – Ph.D. in humanities, historian of philosophy, ethicist, pedagogue. Graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia, the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and the University of Pedagogy of the Polish Teachers Association. Interested in professional ethics, history of contemporary philosophy, theory and philosophy of law, multiculturalism in education and business, legal and ethical duties in administration and issues of discrimination, equal treatment and mobbing. Author of numerous educational and training programs, among others, for the Polish Senate Chancellery, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Information Technology, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, the Institute of National Remembrance.
Ms Krupa-Mażulis, Ph.D., has held numerous positions, like: Rector of the Bolesław Prus University of Humanities in Warsaw (the B. Prus WWSH University), Deputy Dean for the organisation and quality of education at the B. Prus WWSH University, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the B. Prus WWSH University, Dean of the Pedagogical Faculty at the B. Prus WWSH University.
Ms. Krupa-Mażulis, Ph.D., has conducted lectures, conversation classes, practical classes, workshops as well as BA and MA seminars: at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia, Faculty of Philology of the University of Silesia, Faculty of Law of the European University of Law and Administration, at the University of Real Estate Management in Warsaw, at the University of Pedagogy of the Polish Teachers Association, at the Social Sciences Faculty and the Pedagogy Faculty of the B. Prus WWSH University and the WWSB University.

Deputy Rector

Daniel Milewski, Ph.D. – doctor of law and economist with MBA and LLM diplomas. He gained his professional experience as a local government official and entrepreneur. Since 2015, he has been a Member of the Polish Parliament working in the Committee on Economy and Development. Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organisations and Vice-President of the Polish-Swedish Parliamentary Group. He is a Polish delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. As an academic lecturer, he has conducted specialization lectures at several universities and published scientific articles on law and management.


Jerzy Rychlik – doctor of law, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw. Research fellow at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Former Director of the Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of European Law in the Legal Sciences Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. For 8 years an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Consul of the Republic of Poland in several Eastern European countries. Author of nearly 50 scientific publications on political law and local self-government.

Deputy Dean

Hanna Będkowska – doctor of humanities in history, master’s degree in pedagogy, graduate of German philology, postgraduate studies in management in education and postgraduate studies in evaluation and examining. Specialist in recent history, economic history, educational history, early childhood education, German language and foreign language teaching methodology, as well as professional ethics. She served as the Chancellor of the WSBiA University, now she is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Business (the WWSB University). A long-term academic teacher who has been awarded and distinguished several times for her achievements in her professional career. Author of many publications on recent history, deputy chairman of the editorial committee of the University Publishing House, supervisor of the Student Science Fellowship “Political Scientists”, she organized several scientific conferences in the series “Development of the Eastern Region – Opportunities and Threats”, founder of the University of the Third Age.