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Recruitment in progress!

Where are we?

Our address:

Warsaw University of Business
(the WWSB University)

ul. Smulikowskiego 6/8
00-389 Warsaw


5th  Floor
Mobile phone No.: +48 690 910 150, +48 730 556 366

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 17.00

If you want to study at the WWSB University, you will receive information about the major courses of study, tuition and other fees and special offers at the Recruitment Office. You will also submit your recruitment documents there and receive a decision on admission to the WWSB University.

Recruitment in progress!

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Dean’s Office:

Ground Floor

Mobile phone No.: +48 572 217 391

It is at the Dean’s Office that you will take care of most of the issues related to the course of studies. It is here that you will receive your student card, student record, student achievement card, information about the timetable of classes in particular fields of studies, examination dates, lecturers’ consultation hours, the journal of internships, templates of application forms to the Rector, Chancellor, Dean.

Dean’s Office working hours:

Dean’s duty, dr Bartosz Głowacki:Thursday, 13:00 – 15:00.

Tuesday 13.00-17.00
Wednesday 08.15-12.00
Thursday 12.00-16.00
Friday 9.00-13.00
Saturday CLOSED

The Rector’s Office:

5th Floor
Mobile phone No.: 730 556 366

The Rector’s Office provides administrative support to the Rector (all matters related to the institution, except financial matters and student matters).

The Treasury Office:

Ground Floor
Telephone No.: 579 079 215; 730 555 225

Tuesday 15.00-17.00
Wednesday 08.15-11.00
Thursday 12.00-15.00
Friday 09.00-12.00
Saturday CLOSED

Here you will take care of all matters related to finances, pay your admission fee, pay tuition for studies, fees for final exams, get information about overdue payments. The Treasury Office deals also with HR and payroll issues for university employees.

corporate employees

Career Office, Marketing Office:

5th Floor
Telephone No.: 512 575 932, 690 890 760