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Principles of recruitment

Recruitment in progress!

Admission procedure

The basis for admission
to the WWSB University
is submission of a complete set of documents to our Recruitment Office.

Required documents

  • High School diploma or a bachelor’s degree certificate accompanied by a certified translation to English and an apostille or the document authentication
  • A certificate confirming the knowledge of the English language – preferably IELTS or TOEFL. In the absence of such a document, the Applicant may join the language examination organized by the university via a meeting platform.
  • Transcripts to the diploma
  • A photocopy of the passport
  • One photography of 35 x 45 mm format
  • Insurance policy
  • Medical certificate confirming the ability to study in Poland (the University will prepare a doctor’s reference document prior to the arrival of the student)

All persons applying for admission to the University will be accepted automatically after they submit a complete set of documents and pay the admission fee.

Studying at the WWSB University

  • Who can study?

    Secondary school graduates holding a certificate of matriculation. Students of other universities who are interested in economics, finance, marketing, etc.

  • Are you considering transferring to the WWSB University from another university?

    Submit the following documents to our Recruitment Office:

    – an application to the Dean
    -a list of classes you have completed together with the number of teaching hours and ECTS.

    Based on these, the Dean will make a decision about your admission, determine which classes may be recognized, and determine the rules for supplementing curriculum differences. Once you have received and accepted the Dean’s decision, please, submit the required recruitment documents.

Recruitment stages

1. Online registration

Fill in and print out the online recruitment form available online.

2. Completion of documents

Prepare a complete set of documents and pay the admission fee. In the title of the bank transfer enter your name, surname, field of study.

3. Submission of documents

The required documents should be delivered to the Recruitment Office in person, by post or by third parties. When sending the documents by post, please, remember to enclose the original of the matriculation certificate.

4. Decision

You will be informed electronically about the receipt of documents. The written decision will be sent by registered letter with a return receipt to the postal address indicated.

5. Completion of formalities

Having received the decision on his / her admission, the student signs a Study Agreement and pays the tuition fees.

6. Commencement of studies

Before you start your course, you will be given the access to the e-deanery and to the Student Forum, where you will find your timetable.

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