What makes a good MBA candidate?


The best MBA candidates usually have at least a couple of years of professional experience. It is not so easy to answer what makes a good MBA candidate. However, there can be some qualities that make one person a better candidate than the other. What are they?


MBA — what is it?

The shortcut stands for Master of Business Administration. Students who apply for MBA are required to have at least bachelor’s degree (in any field). It is a multi-subject degree covering many topics connected to management and finances, marketing and technology. Although, technically, anyone with higher education degree can try to get an MBA title, it is not a path for everyone. Below you can find some of the most important features needed to be a successful leader.


First of all — know how to lead

Leadership skills are crucial for MBA candidate. You need to know how to handle a team of people if you want to be successful in this path. It means not only a good organization of work, but also high interpersonal intelligence.

Only a good manager can make his workers finish their tasks quickly and effectively. People with interpersonal intelligence can easily empathize with their subordinates and thus — dealing with others is not hard for them. It is said that people with high interpersonal skills and intelligence are naturally destined to become politicians — but of course, it does not mean that every person who knows how to handle other people must choose politics as their career path. Natural leaders are rare and if you think you are one — you should get MBA degree.


Pick carefully… and quickly

The ability to make decisions under risk and quickly is crucial for all leaders and managers. Usually, workers come to you and ask to help them solve their professional problems — and you have mere seconds to decide. Of course, you can tell them you will think about solution or that you will consult it with someone else — but, usually, there is no time to do that.

A good MBA candidate must be sure about their decisions. Be aware that they will affect not only you, but also your co-workers. If you believe that you can make good calls in no time — you are definitely destined for this career path.


Think outside the box

Even though it might seem not entirely true for all corporation workers — their managers are sometimes forced to find solutions which are not entirely in accordance with their master operation plans. Flexibility (in some situations) is crucial and needed.

Many managers will agree that decisions they make on daily basis are some sort of compromise between what the employees want and what superiors expect. As sometimes they do not look eye to eye — be aware that your role as a manager will be giving the news from board to team. It might take all your skills to evoke optimism in your co-workers and you are always the first to take the blow: even if, personally, you do not agree with supervisors’ decision, you still must obey and make others listen.

If you think you have what it takes and above characteristics fit you — you should most definitely start an MBA degree.