Why study logistics?


Choosing a field of study is crucial and might be a problem for many. It is hard to decide about all your future career when you are young. How should you know that there will be work in this sector in 10 years or more? Thus, you should choose a field that will be important during coming decades. One of those is logistics. Why study this field?


Fast-growing sector and many career opportunities

National and international transport is one of the most beneficial sectors of economy. There is no possibility that goods will not be traded between countries, so the possibility that number of logistics companies will grow is big.

As a logistics student, you can count on being a part of many interesting projects leading to development of skills required for logistics industry. The specialist knowledge you will gain during years of studying will allow you to start highly paid career in this field.


What do you do as a logistics worker?

The responsibilities depend on both knowledge and specialization. People working in this department might be responsible for many different things, such as warehouse management, production planning, distribution of goods and services, cost optimization of the logistics process. Those are only examples and the scope of duties might vary in different sectors and fields. Due to growing popularity of e-commerce, logistics might be one of the best study choices in the coming years.


Stability of work

One of the main reasons you should choose logistics as your career path is the fact that goods will need transportation with no doubt. It means that while shops might be relocated and corporations can be moved to cheaper locations — it is impossible to have an effective supply chain without people leading it.

It might also mean that you will have to work some unusual hours: if something goes wrong on the way of your trucks, it cannot wait until 8 a.m. However, the jobs connected to logistics are usually very well paid and unexpected things do not happen every day. If it is unacceptable for you to work outside your working hours, this might not be the path for you.


Move around the world

Some of the fields of study, such as law, mean that you have to stay in the country — as you learn just the laws of this particular country. However, fields such as logistics allow you to move independently around the world. If you choose to move to the other part of the globe, you can do it any minute: open positions for logistics workers can be found pretty much everywhere.

Also, the knowledge is the same in each part of the world. It means you do not have to worry that the things you have learned in Poland might not be correct in Venezuela: they will be. Any things that might change would be connected with the internal regulations of the company.


Opportunities to explore many fields

While working in logistics, you can pick a career in many different directions. It can be delivery company, but also a company producing furniture or selling food. The choice is all yours.