Top reasons to study in Poland


Poland is still gaining popularity as a study destination. Learn about most common reasons, why this country is being chosen by students from around the world.


It is cheaper than western part of Europe

Low tuition fees and living expenses are one of the most important reasons for which Poland is a great place for studying. A room for one student can be found for around 200-300 euro per month (the amount might vary a bit depending on the city), and the expenses for dormitory are even lower.

As for the tuition, many Polish universities offer attractive discounts for foreign students. One of the most popular programs, which allows you to save more money is Erasmus: a program, which was launched back in 1987. It allows to experience a student’s life in one of the countries, which decided to take part in the project.


Interesting culture of eastern Europe

Many habits of Polish people might be hard to understand for foreigners and yet — really interesting. Spending holidays (such as the Independence Day, Christmas or Easter) in Poland will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about them.

While being in the country, students are also allowed to move and explore different parts of it. The whole educational program can be taken in English or Polish — if students are interested in such. Usually, most of the professors also allow the foreign student to pick the best exam form in order to overcome the language barrier.


Education is one of the best in Europe

As it is shown by most of the statistics, Polish universities are one of the best on the whole continent. High level of education means you will get a really valuable degree in chosen subject. Employers from around the world prize the knowledge provided by Polish universities. Not without a reason, Poles are thought to be one of the best specialists in the world in many different fields. However, due to this fact, be aware that most of your exams will not be easy: lecturers can be demanding because they want to provide their students with the highest level of knowledge possible.

What is more, you get a unique chance to learn beautiful Polish language, by many described as the sound of falling leaves in autumn. The language itself is hard and not many can speak it. If you can get the basis of it, another foreign language will seem easy.


Interesting career opportunities

Many international companies choose Poland as the location of their offices. Thus, you get a great starting point for your career, especially considering the fact that you can speak a foreign language fluently. If you will learn basics of Polish as well, it will be even bigger advantage.

In most of the big Polish cities (such as Warsaw, Wrocław or Kraków), you can find a job without much difficulty. The international career path will look good in resume, giving you bigger chances when applying for the next job position.

Studying in Poland is also an opportunity to meet interesting people and see for yourself that Poland is a really beautiful place.