Why should you earn a degree in logistics?


Logistics is one of the most popular fields of study in Poland. The reason for it is mainly an ease of finding a job, but not only that. What are other reasons to earn a degree in logistics?


Rapidly developing market

The fact is that e-commerce is growing fast. Many stores selling different types of goods tend to move their businesses online. Thus, the logistics of the company (including both customer and internal services) is needed and many new specialists are looked for.

The booming sector of online shops is one of the reasons young people tend to choose logistics as their field of study. This way you can get many career opportunities and a well-paid job.


Jobs available for many levels of education

What is more, you do not have to earn a master degree in order to find a beneficial job. While still specialists with higher degrees are better paid, career for bachelor’s degree graduates is also available.

In addition, different industry branches allow graduates to pick a field of interest and change it later on. It means that even if you decided to start your career in logistics at food selling company — it does not imply that you have to stick to this path for your whole life. If you decide that you have learned everything in this specific position and your work is starting to bore you, you can simply find another job opportunity in different company. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to logistics.


All industry branches open for graduates

Broad knowledge and professional competence make the graduates valuable in different fields. Whether you decide to work in logistics company or to support any other company in their supply chain — it is completely up to you. Logistics as a field of study gives you the best knowledge in many different branches.

It allows their graduates to start a career in a chosen industry branch. As the logistics knowledge is more or less the same no matter what you are shipping and what is the reason you do it, people who studied logistics can really fit in many companies, no matter what the main goal of its functioning is.


Satisfying payments on many positions

Logistics graduates are being valued by employers and thus — they usually offer good salaries to them. It is because of the fact that motivated employee works harder and tries his best to fulfill his duties, which is crucial in logistics sector of the company’s work.

Although, be aware that many of those jobs are off the clock, which means that sometimes you have to work outside your business hours. This is due to the fact that unforeseen circumstances might happen to everyone during carriage of goods and actions must be taken immediately, as wasted time might mean irreversible losses.

To sum up, logistics career is worth trying, but only for people passionate about it. If the supply chain solutions are not interesting in your eyes, you might want to try another path instead: this job is very demanding and might require some extra attention even while you are off work.