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Student placements / internships

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Student placements / internships curriculum and regulations

The aim of the student placement / internship is to prepare the WWSB University students for the profession by enriching the educational process carried out during their studies with the knowledge and experience gained in the place of their placement / internship. Taking into account the specificity of the fields of study, the major course and the organization of studies at the WWSB University, student placements and internships are carried out primarily in the second year of undergraduate studies, they are associated with a specific educational profile aimed at gaining experience and skills specific for work in the chosen profession and must be completed by the end of the sixth semester of studies as a pre-condition for passing

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A student placement as an intern is a professional experience for the future. It is an opportunity to acquire new skills, test the knowledge gained during studies and establish contacts. Placements and internships during the course of the applied science studies last at least six months.


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