Geopolitics and Globalization Processes


Geopolitics tries to describe the influence of such factors as geography, economics and demography on the politics and especially the foreign policy of a state. While globalization is a permanent intensification of network interconnections in the world (from economical connections, through technical and technological, administrative, cultural, up to the individual-personal level), leading to transnational or international flows of action and interaction.

Therefore, the aim of the course is to present the issues related to globalization processes in a geopolitical context. On the one hand, we will deal with the theories that shaped the modern world, and, on the other hand, we will try to include contemporary events in their context. The topics of the course will include, among others: Francis Fukuyama’s the end of history theory, Samuel Huntington’s the clash of civilizations theory, Benjamin Barber’s Jihad versus McWorld, war and anti-war, war on terror, global economy, major world superpowers, trade wars, EU and Brexit consequences, coronavirus pandemic and more.

The practical aspect of the course will allow students to better understand not only the dynamics of contemporary events, but also will help them to put these events in a broader and more complex perspective.


Geopolitics and Globalization Processes at the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Business, conducted by Mr. Bartosz Głowacki, PhD.