Why study in Poland?


Every year, more and more students decide to start their education abroad, in particular in Poland. It is one of the most affordable places to study in Europe and still offers high-quality institutions responsible for education.


What makes Poland a good place to study?

It is a country, which contains some of the Western and Eastern cultural legacies. It means that coming here might be a great lesson for people who never had an opportunity to learn more about Eastern Europe.

What also makes Poland so special is the fact that Polish university traditions are one of the oldest in Europe. Jagiellonian University located in Kraków was founded in 14th century! Also, the Polish system of higher education is developing rapidly. As it is shown by statistics, Poland holds 4th place in Europe in terms of number of people enrolled in universities.

What is important for people abroad, Poland offers around 600 fields of study, all of them being an integral part of European Higher Education Area. Also, most of the schools offer courses in foreign languages.


Low costs of living

The low costs of living makes Poland one of the best countries to study in. Also, the courses are noticeably cheaper in comparison with other European countries. They can be several times cheaper.

That, with the addition of low prices in the living area, makes Poland a great study destination. Some of the universities also offer cheap accommodations — their price being around 100 euro. However, due to low prices, the demand for such accommodation is quite high. Foreign students who want to have a room in such building should contact the university as soon as they are accepted to study. This gives a high chance of earning a place in those accommodations.

Even if the dormitory is unavailable, the cost of renting a room along with other students is not high. Depending on the part of the country, the prices can range from around 180 to 300 euro per month. Also, alimentation is much cheaper than in the western part of the continent.


Academic title valid in other countries

As Poland is an active member of Bologna Process, the academic titles earned on Polish universities are valid in all other countries. As the three-level higher education as well as ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) were introduced into Polish educational system, all the graduates can either continue their education in other countries, or start a career in a freely chosen country around the world. The internationally recognized degree is a huge opportunity for both Polish and foreign students who want to get their education in Poland.

For those of the students who want to get their degree and work in Poland, we have a good news: many major Polish cities hold great career opportunities in many fields. Specialists are highly valued by employers, which makes finding a job easier. Foreign graduates also hold a great advantage over the national ones: they are native speakers of various languages, which is very important on the labor market.