Why Poland is an awesome place to be an international student


Do you know that Poland has the second oldest university in Central Europe?

Everyone knows that Europe offers hundreds of benefits for international students. In Poland, the community of foreign students is constantly growing, which significantly affects the development of higher education in the country. According to the latest data from the Central Statistical Office, over 57,000 foreigners study in Poland.

You might be thinking about how Poland is becoming such a popular destination for international students. Here we are highlighting some of the reasons why Poland is an awesome place to study for international students.


High-quality education

Poland is one of the best countries in terms of the average quality of education. According to the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) exams, Polish education institutions have achieved one of the highest scores in the international ranking system.

The reason is an exceptionally qualified academic faculty. Another factor contributing to the student-university relationship is allowing some freedom and flexibility in designing the curriculum. Also, there are many colleges and universities teaching arts, humanities or engineering, with supercomputers and ideal laboratories which are usually not offered in other countries. What is even more impressive, most of the programs are offered in both Polish and English language.


Affordable education

If you dream of going abroad to study, Poland is an ideal destination for you.

In Poland, tuition fees typically cost around 2,000 to 5,000 euros depending on your educational institution and program you want to study. You might want to know other expenses: lunch in the cafeteria starts from 2 euros and cinema ticket starts from 2.50 euros. Accommodation, transport and food can cost anywhere from 250 to 400 euros a month depending on your spending habits.


Career opportunities

Poland offers many part-time and full-time job opportunities also for international students. It is beating the competition with other countries as most international students come to Poland for career opportunities.

This country offers all the graduates one extra year of visa extension to stay there and find a job. The Polish educational community doesn’t put a cap on weekly hours for part-time jobs so that student can work accordingly. Foreign students who come to Poland to study can find great jobs at multinational companies, ultimately extending their stay.


Cultured environment

The Polish environment is a combination of its present achievements, historical heritage and Polish culture. Polish institutions offer a variety of entertainment options for every taste. Also, the number of book fairs, festivals, gigs, concerts and other kinds of cultural events is quite significant in Poland. The restaurants in Polish cities like artistic Krakow, hipster Warsaw, academic Poznan and the Capital of Culture Wroclaw offer both traditional and vegan options.


Scholarships and free studies

The Polish government offers several scholarships, free studies and stipend to international students. These perks are financed by the foreign partner government or the Polish government to increase exchange within a particular field of study. The amount of the scholarship depends on the study type undertaken. Also, university scholarships for academic excellence are provided. This is one of the factors that attracts a large number of foreign students to study in Poland.



The above reasons greatly contribute to the constantly growing number of foreign students in Polish higher education institutions. Some of the main factors that attract international students include the quality of education, affordability, job opportunities and the environment. However, if you are a foreign student who has a problem with the Polish language, you must be relieved to hear that your classes are conducted in English.