What jobs will be in demand in the next 10 years?


People who are still studying tend to worry about what jobs will be demanded when they graduate. Indeed, the needs of the labor market change periodically. What professions will be needed in the near future?


Some things never change

While it is really hard to predict some of the trends, there are still jobs which will be needed basically always. Among them, we can indicate: lawyers, engineers, teachers, veterinarians, healthcare workers (including doctors, nurses, therapists, etc.). Those are just examples of jobs which will benefit the society almost always. But what jobs might be needed based on our current life speed and changes of environment?


All types of psychologists

It seems that growing pace of life and stress level happen to make psychologists and therapists needed in many countries. When most of the home responsibilities are being taken over by machines, we get more and more time for thinking. Sometimes, it gets people to places they never thought they will get. The estimates for job growth among psychology graduates are promising. Not only many corporations decide to hire coaches and other specialists, but also more and more people are interested in visiting psychologists.


Logistics — plan the transport!

Currently, the participants of the global economy are dependent on each other more than ever. For example, computers or smartphones are manufactured using components made in various countries and assembled in other ones. Based on the employment statistics, right now even small companies hire logistics specialists to plan the best routes and general transport arrangements as well as ad hoc response to arising logistics problems. Thus, if you are not afraid of working in unusual hours (keep in mind that problems during transport will not wait till 8 a.m., if they arise the evening before!), you can also expect earnings above the median among all occupations. All in all, logistics seems to be a really promising branch. If you find it interesting as well, you should most definitely consider such a career. It is not only exciting, but also profitable path.


What other jobs will be in demand in years to come?

In addition to the previously mentioned professions, we should not forget about all types of technical workers. While computers take over many processes, they still need to be repaired and calibrated. Those activities are unavailable for most of the people — only workers with special knowledge can operate them. Also, all sorts of electricians, plumbers and so on are needed. People in general are less and less interested in fixing things on their own. While a few decades ago, our grandparents (or other relatives) used to spend hours fixing radio and television receivers, washing machines and everything else, young people much prefer to just hire someone. This attitude is justified: if we do not know how to fix something, it is better to leave it. Repair done by a layman can cause more trouble than help.


All kinds of specialists

At the time when knowledge seems to be accessible nearly everywhere, people who are specialized in one branch are really looked for. While there is nothing wrong with knowing things, the employers value really highly professional knowledge in one category. Thus, if you are willing to develop your knowledge in a chosen path (no matter if it is engineering, human resources, psychology or other field), you will be valued. The most important thing is to remember about your own quality: never let anyone make you feel “smaller” than you really are! We are all the best — each in their own way.