How to choose a field of study?


Choosing your field of study is almost equal to picking up your future career path. Thus, you should think it through: you will spend the rest of your working life doing it. How to choose the best option?


Figure out what you like

Try to figure out what makes you happy. If you never liked mathematics or physics, do not choose any field related to them. And vice versa — if you always loved those subjects, your chances in humanistic fields are much lower.

Try to choose a field based on your skills and interests. This way, you will make your future career a passion. What is more, also the whole process of learning and studying will be way easier for you. Can there be anything better?


Do not rush

Do not try to figure out your whole life in one night. It takes time to think through all options carefully and find something that is interesting for you. It is completely normal that at first you do not know what to pay attention to. Give yourself time and if you prefer seeing your arguments and thoughts — write them down. Then, take a couple of days of break — and come back to your notes. This will give you a whole new perspective.

If you are still not sure, which career path to choose — try to discuss it with a friend or family member you trust. This way, finding the best solution is way easier. And who knows you better than your beloved ones?


Be a little bit pragmatic in your choices

While choosing a field of study, try to find balance between what you like and what will actually let you pay your bills. Potential career choices and occupational profiles should be one of the things you consider. Even though it is really important to find a job you like and are passionate about — purely practically, you work to earn money.

Thus, try to choose a path that you find interesting and with great earning potential. If you are not sure, which field(s) cover both — you can always consult a professional career advisor. Those people know very well what are job opportunities for graduates of each field. What is more — their experience and knowledge usually allow them to advise the best option for you.


If you can — first try, then pick

Obviously, we are not talking about the studying itself — as changing fields might be expensive in more ways than one. If you have started thinking about your future career early enough, try to gain any experience in different fields. Many companies willingly accept volunteers. It will give you an opportunity to find out whether you really like what you think you like.

Last but not least — believe in yourself. If, for example, you would like to become a doctor, but you think you cannot handle it — give yourself some credit. Usually, we are way more intelligent, flexible and capable than we think we are. At least try to study the field you dream of — trying does not hurt and it might make your future worth it. Also, do not let anyone else tell you what you should do. Of course, advices — if you asked for them — are most welcome, but never let anyone else make decisions about your future. Good luck!