Career prospects in national security


National security plays an important role in the life of the nation. Working in national security agency is not only patriotic, but also guarantees a certain amount of job security. Both appointed officials and people employed under a contract of employment work in this sector. When you are employed in a government agency, you will acquire certain rights which will remain in effect, unless the law changes. There is also a lot of room for growth within the security departments of other entities.

There is a certain allure to working in the national security sector. People view the security department as a glamorous place to work, surrounded by intrigue and adventure. Not every job in national security is filled with secret agents but they are all important and rewarding. Working for the government affords you access to great benefits. Below you will find the top 5 security jobs.


Intelligence analysis

This is a position for people that have a knack for analyzing data. You have to be a quick thinker and be able to process raw data. You will be in the position where you have to report on the intention of foreign governments and individuals. For this position, you would need to do well in analysis, history and social sciences, international affairs, science, and national security studies.


Foreign language analyst

Your passion for languages can turn into a profession that aids your country. To be a foreign language analyst, it is not enough to know the words in that language, you also have to understand the subtext. The way the language is spoken, the changes in exclamation and tone and so forth. You would need to study the chosen foreign language. Both the history of the nation and the history of the government in relation to the language are important. Intelligence and international affairs are also subjects you would be expected to graduate with.


Cyber intelligence

The world is changing and more and more crime, and even terrorism, is cyber-based. As a cyber analyst, you will analyze data and report on potential threats, as well as make sure your country is protected against any kind of threat. For this fascinating position, you would need: computer engineering, computer network and security, computer science, computer programming, information assurance, information technology.



Every business in the world needs accountants, even a national security agency. If you are an accountant in such an agency, you will potentially have a say in the spending of taxpayers’ money. You will hold a very important position in the agency and later on in your career potentially influence the implementation of policy, especially in regard to finance. You would need qualifications in accounting, finance or economics as well as business management and administration.


Security and law enforcement

You will be on the ground making sure that the people protecting the country are protected. You can be a national security police officer who provides security, a polygraph examiner to determine if someone is telling the truth, or a security analyst. You would have to study first aid including CPR and criminology. You would likely need military service and experience in physical security. To analyze polygraphs, you would need to obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Defense.


Your career

It is always good to have an idea of what you would like to be when you graduate, though we do not always have a clear idea about it when we enter university. If working for a national security agency is something you can sink your teeth into, it is a lucrative and rewarding career path. Why not head over to their website and see what there is you can do. Make sure that you pay close attention to the required qualifications. The possibilities are limitless and not to mention you are working to make your country a better place.