The most effective styles of management


There is no single best style of leadership in managing a business that works equally well for all types of companies. A certain style may be perfect for one company, but at the same time it can mean total disaster for another. While there is clearly no particular style of management that is effective in all situations, some have a higher success rate than others. Here are some styles that you might consider in managing a small business.


Strategic management

This style of management is best for business owners who have a strong vision of where they want their business to go. At the same time, they should be able to effectively convey this vision to their employees, who in turn will carry it out. Strategic managers are usually busy with work, which means they don’t dwell on the details of each task. They will simply communicate the goals to their employees and trust them to do their job and deliver excellent results for the business.


Servant leadership

This style of management places great emphasis on the value of the company’s employees. The manager not only leads the company, but in effect also serves the employees. By their actions, managers let their employees know that they are valuable members of the company. It seems a bit unnatural, but surprisingly this style of management is actually very effective. It validates the employees, builds their confidence and encourages them to work even better. With a servant leader at the helm, the working environment is very pleasant. However, problems can arise if there are unprincipled employees who would like to take advantage of a leader they might consider soft and overly polite.


Transformational management

It is a highly innovative style and many also call it dynamic leadership. This is a great solution for industries that tend to evolve intensively. A leader who follows this style of management is open and ready to change at any time. They realize that companies are always developing and evolving. Consequently, they tend to be at the forefront when new technological advances emerge. They believe that you must always stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for the future. For businesses that thrive on innovation and cutting-edge technology, this is arguably the ideal leadership style. However, it may not be very effective with companies that are more firmly rooted in tradition and institutional wisdom.


Leading by example

This is one of the more popular styles of management used by small business owners today. By doing exactly what you want your employees to do and acting the way you want them to behave, you are essentially training them to be a valuable part of the company. It is a very effective management style in all industries. However, if you choose this leadership method, you must be careful about making mistakes to avoid the risk that those mistakes are being repeated by your employees.



If you want to be the best manager you can be, you will need to consider several factors, such as the nature of your business, the kind of people you work with, and so on. Most importantly, you will have to think about yourself and decide which leadership style best suits your personality.